Amazon Panther & Projeto Survival

Projeto Amazonas

The Amazon Project is the result of an old dream come true through a beautiful partnership with the "warriors" Panther Amazon in Manaus, led by the Brazilian Army Colonel Antonio Carlos Paula de Silva. Its main purpose is to protect and preserve the Amazon in the long term through an environmental educational work.

The Amazon Project was started in Germany by a son of the Amazon, the Acre Joseph Tito Casara Ignatius (son of Brazilian military, grandson and rubber soldiers grandson) who takes his role of spreading the beauty and importance of the Amazon forest (mainly in Europe), organizing and guiding small groups coming out of Europe to experience a few days in the Amazon rainforest.

The project was made possible due to partnership with Amazon Panther company formed by highly skilled professionals in environmental protection and survival techniques in the Amazon forest. We invite all to experience and share this dream with us.

Written by: José Inácio Tito Casara
(Outdoor Guide, Educator Ecological and trained and specialized professional hunter in Rheinland Pfalz - Germany)

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