German Group testimonials

José Tito Casara Inácio

Outdoor Guide, Educator and Entrepreneur Green in Germany
Personal Trainer and Life Coach

"In 2014, I created the Amazonas project to achieve one of my biggest dreams, to show how nature guide where I was born to my friends in Europe and the rest of the world, thus creating a group of multipliers - protectors and . disseminators of the Amazon rainforest tried from there a partner in Brazil to join forces and create a differentiated activity; that's when I contacted Amazon Panther in Manaus received rapid return of Mr. Antonio Carlos Paula de Silva, Colonel retired Brazilian Army and lover. Unconditional of the Amazon rainforest. Colonel Antonio Carlos won my respect and admiration from the very start showing up serious, thoughtful and very thorough, especially regarding the safety of my survival course customers in the jungle.

We entered into the partnership without knowing each other personally and mutually trust each other until February 2015, when it finally arrived to Manaus with my first group.

In short a little, I wish to make it clear that Amazon Panther and synonymous with excellence and professionalism, with serious, competent professionals and wonderful people who work seriously to preserve and promote our beautiful Amazon forest. The course in jungle survival was exceptional and of great technical quality, unique and rich experience for anyone.

An important detail is that Colonel Antonio Carlos contacted me every day since the beginning of the project to the Manaus to Germany. Congratulations for the good work, I'm happy and peaceful to have them as partners! See you soon with the next group. "

Jan R

Pedagogue and Outdoor Guide

“Mit hohen erwartungen und neugier zum survivaltraining in den urwald gefahren. Die professionalität, das engagement und die gute atmosphäre haben mich dennoch schwer beeindruckt. Für mich persönlich und für meine arbeit als Erlebnispädagoge und Outdoorguide habe ich jede menge mit nehmen können.
Danke für die tolle Zeit und gern jederzeit wieder!”

I went with a very great anticipation for this survival training in the jungle. The professionalism, engagement and positive atmosphere impressed me a lot. For me personally and my work as educator and Outdoorguide, I was able to get a lot of valuable information.
Thank you for the great moments, repeat as often as possible!

Julia F.

Marketing manager

“Sehr gutes training um sich mit der basis fürs überleben im dschungel näher vertraut zu machen.
Schönes outdoorfeeling dank übernachtung in hängematten und selbsterrichteter plattform.
Sehr gut organisiert und sicher: 7 trainer, köche und helfer die sich ausgiebig um das wohl der gäste hümmern.”

very good training with lessons on the basics of survival in the Amazon jungle.
A very good feeling due to overnight in hammocks and mounting a camp for various activities.
Very well organized and safe: 7 instructors, cooks and helpers who care in full wellbeing of tourists

Marc F.

German Army Major

"Schon kurz nach der Ankunft im Camp war klar, dass wir hier aufgehoben sind und man es mit Profis zu tun hat. Die sprachlichen Barrieren wurden durch Tito selbst oder mit Hand und Fuß - Sprache und viel Lachen überwunden. Es waren viele "AHA" - effekte bei den Ausbildungen vorhanden. Am meisten hat mich die Anwesenheit eines waschechten Indios beeindruckt, der mit seinem Wissen und seiner ausstrahlenden Ruhe auf alles eine Antwort hatte.

Auch an den Prüfungstagen wurden wir super betreut und wir wollten gar nicht mehr gehen. Alles in allem ein Erlebnis von dem ich meinen Enkeln noch berichten werde. Genau das richtige für Abenteuerer! Top!”

Upon arrival at training camp was clear that we were in good hands and that we were dealing with professionals. The difficulties with the language were resolved by our Outdoorguide Tito Casara while using gestures and smiles. There were many moments of "AHA" = Big Surprise) during training. What impressed me most was the constant presence of a native Indian who calmly and patience had an answer for everything.

In the days of testing we were very well accompanied and advised, and we did not want to leave. Everything in general was an adventure I'll tell my grandchildren. The ideal adventure! Top!

Natura's Group testimonials

Rafael Menezes Monteiro

Biotechnologist - Biodiversity Intern

"The jungle course as well as being very instructive, is a fun and exciting experience. In it you are faced with some out of everyday situations and understand what it takes to deal with them. The instructors are well trained. "

Satya Caldenhof

Scientific manager of Family & Relationships

"We did the course in just one day and it was great to have notions of survival in the jungle. For sure with more time we could experience the training in practice but still was worth the experience."

Mariana Dettmer

Biologist - Forest and Agricultural Analyst

"The course is very interesting because it provides information and guidelines that make a difference in everyday work situations in the field, besides being very well managed and carefully crafted."

Petrobras Group Testimonials

Rodrigo Oliveira

Natal - RN

"I live for almost four years in Manaus and it was one of the best experiences I've ever had in the Amazon! I was something really extraordinary! It's hard to find adjectives to express the greatness of the training provided by the Amazon Panther team, from first contact with simpaticissimo director Antonio, the extreme commitment, professionalism and discipline schedules of its employees. An impeccable work of Magellan, Joseph and the master Ananias, the latter impressed us with its simplicity and how much knowledge you have of local biodiversity, his wisdom is a spectacle.

As we had contracted something personalized, customized business training for us, realizing a personal dream and delivering a product far superior to everything we had planned and targeted, well above all our expectations! Everything was perfect, from the location, structure, material used and passed on teachings. They are the very best on the market, no doubt, the course of survival in the wild is a must have as a tourist route for all travelers and adventurers. There's no way to come to this earth and leave without actually understand the true value and richness of this fascinating and exciting planet called AMAZON FOREST "

Samuel Dantas

Recife - PE

"It was a unique opportunity to see how the Amazon is rich and how nature can provide everything you need to survive. He wanted to do full training, complete with a few days into the woods. Simply amazing."

Renata Souza

Recife - PE

"The course on survival notions in the jungle was wonderful! Having contact with the forest and discover how we can extract from it much more than we realize to meet our basic needs is truly amazing. We had the opportunity to meet various foods and native fruits some have even had had contact, but never before seen it and experienced its most natural. we love to know how to make fire and how to use the compass azimuth reference to locate and define coordinates. precious teachings that take you to the rest of life. As for the Amazon Panther team, we only have praise, all were super attentive and competent. in the short time we had scheduled and made available, managed to spend as much information as possible. we learned a lot and was one of the moments special of our trip to the Amazon. "

Juliana Souza

Sydney - Australia

"extremely professional and helpful staff that, in the short time we had available, could teach very well and with enough quality several basic guidelines of survival in the wild. We know the most varied and unique plants in nature. We learn how to choose a good place for camping and how to build a shelter in a safe and comfortable way. Whether on a leisure or survival situation and define the shelter is one of the most important decisions to be made in addition to other essential we have been taught in training. The most amazing thing was that our classroom was inside the forest. That is, a sensational and enriching experience would indicate without a doubt to all my friends from Brazil and Australia. "