Overnight in the jungle

Day 1

  • Meeting in Marina David at 13:30 pm.
  • Customer Disclaimer delivery to the tour coordinator.
  • Delivery networks with sheds and machete.
  • Photographic record of the client team + the jungle guide.
  • Check out at 14:00 pm for Inhambé Village.
  • Shift river by speedboat aluminum by the Tarumã Açu River. (Travel time 40 minutes).
  • Check the village at 14:40 pm.
  • Offset walk through the jungle to the site overnight.
  • Start of basic survival instruction (day of) at 15:00 pm.
  • Site preparation and installation of networks with sheds at 16:00 pm.
  • Preparation of rustic dinner in the jungle at 18:00 pm.
  • Start of basic survival concepts (night party) at 19:30 pm.
  • Start of guard service in the jungle and overnight from 21:00 pm.

Day 2

  • Dawn at 06:00 pm.
  • Making coffee at 06:30 pm.
  • Dismantle of networks with shed and cleaning overnight place at 07:30 pm.
  • Return Scroll to the village at 07:45 pm.
  • Check the village at 8:05 pm.
  • Start of shift to the Marina of David at 08:20 pm.
  • Prediction arrival at Marina David at 09:00 pm.
  • Delivery of the overnight participation certificates in Marina of David.

1. Programming Basics activities of jungle survival:

During the displacement of Inhambé village to the location of overnight stay in the jungle:

  • Flora track.
Home of the basic notions of survival in the jungle (day part):

  • Correct the machete handling.
  • Care during an overnight stay in the jungle.
  • Fire retrieval. (Use pitch)
  • Network Installation with shed.
  • Construction of makeshift shelters. (Show straw and white guan tail)
  • Pick up wood for the fire.
  • Fish preparation.
  • Dinner preparation: Baked fish + flor
Home of the basic notions of survival in the jungle (of night)

  • Care venomous animals.
  • Tropical diseases.
  • Health Preservation in jungle environments.

2. Several requirements:

  • Indian bilingual guide with 27 years of experience and registered in the Ministry of Tourism.
  • Two natives of Inhambé Village will participate in overnight activities in the jungle.
  • Customers should move to the Marina of David.
  • Transfer from and back to the starting Inhambé Village Marina of David.
  • The speedboat aluminum and the pilot will be in the village throughout the night activity in the jungle for an emergency.
  • Speed ​​Boat with coverage and life jackets.
  • Filling of water.
  • Includes mineral water, first-aid kit, rustic lunch based on fish and flour in banana leaves or sororoca.
  • Delivery to customer networks with shed and machete.
  • The script will not suffer modification in case of bad weather.
  • You need a minimum fitness.
  • We do not recommend an overnight stay in the jungle for people in medical treatment.
  • People who have problems in the joints (especially knees), column or any kind of illness that compromises performance, can not participate in this overnight stay in the jungle.
  • Vaccinations against yellow fever and tetanus days.
  • Not included drinks, optional activities and other not mentioned expenses.
  • It does not include activities outside the wilderness area chosen for survival instructions in the jungle.

3. Material individual clients: (Hint)

  • Toilet paper.
  • Toothbrush, dental floss and toothpaste.
  • Little soap.
  • Sunscreen.
  • Bug repellent.
  • Band-aid.
  • Ointment against diaper rash.
  • Customary and personal use remedies.
  • Tennis or boots.
  • Backpack 40-60 liters.
  • Cantil and / or camelback.
  • Light clothes. (Allergy to insects and / or plants should long-sleeved shirts)
  • Long Pants easy to dry.
  • Swimsuits. (Briefs or bathing suits - wear under clothes)
  • Pair of sports socks.
  • Towel. (Thin and fast drying)
  • Hat or cap.
  • Swiss Army Knife type.
  • Plastic trash bags.
  • Small Flashlight good quality and 2 sets of batteries reserves. (Alkaline)
  • Camera and/or Camcorder. (Optional)
  • Clothing for exchange.